Individualized Wellness Consulting with Kristine


Each person has individualized needs and goals.  In a consult, we will discuss what you feel you need to work on.  Together we will come up with a plan that will support you making the necessary changes to create the healthy lifestyle you desire.  

A part of this process is learning how to become more in-tune with your own body.  No one knows your body better than you.  By learning how to listen to your body, you will be more empowered to care for yourself.  You will know when you need to take a break, when you need to go have some fun and when you need to reconnect with your heart center.

Think about what you would like to have more of in your life…Better health, more time with family, time for self-care, play time…

Whatever it is that you desire in your life I can help you achieve your goals.  It does take some work on your part and mine but together we can get you the life you are dreaming of.  Not sure what your dream is?  That’s okay, together we can help you find it.

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