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Food Addiction Protocol

Soda had been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It started off as a treat here and there and then became my beverage of choice as I grew older. At my weakest point and my addiction’s strongest point I was drinking a 24 pack of Coke within 2 days.

Several times I tried to quit by weaning off or even cold turkey but then I would become stressed, or sick or want to celebrate and I would pick up where I left off. There were also points when I would try to quit and not buy any soda but I would have that need within me and I would text whoever wasn’t home and have them stop and get me Coke and then my mood would be back to normal.

It had been there when I was happy and made me happier. When I was sad it made me feel better. Stressful times were made easier by Coke and then it became a part of me. There came a point in my life where my nutritionist told me that Coke was blocking my intuition so I stopped drinking Coke right then but…. I turned to Mt. Dew, Sprite, Sierra Mist and Dr. Pepper for support in place of the Coke.

During the NoviChi Food Addiction protocol, I faced every emotion, stuff I didn’t even realize was there. I was so sad about letting go of my addiction I cried and sobbed uncontrollably. Then I felt such intense anger at one point that I screamed. My defenses were totally broken, I was completely amazed at the intensity of emotions that I had all tied to my addiction to soda. At the end of my addiction, right before I decided to use the addiction protocol, I realized I was a true addict. Hiding soda in containers that you can’t see through so people wouldn’t know what I was drinking. Putting the bottles under my seat in the car so if someone looked in they wouldn’t see them. Carrying them in my bag under things and sneaking sips when no one was looking. It was truly horrible.

Thanks, to NoviChi, and the addiction protocol, I no longer have cravings for soda. That deep rooted desire for soda is gone. I can be out and about and have a soda or not and I am fine. If I have one, i can have just one. I no longer need to drink a 24 pack. I can have one or not. I can easily be done where before I would not be able to let it go, I would have to keep drinking. Now, I drink water and fresh brewed iced tea which are both so much better for my body. I didn’t realize how much of my life was controlled by my soda addiction and to have that off my back now is such a great relief. I am so happy that I have NoviChi in my life to help me clear out the things I no longer want in my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kristine Magri

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