NEW! NoviChi Mind


NoviChi Mind Session: 120 mins.

The NoviChi Mind Session guides you through a non-evasive, self discovery process into the deepest levels of the subconscious where the negative core beliefs, emotions, addictions and resistance to change exist. The light frequencies, when projected into select meridian points, penetrate to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses where the memory triggers are stored. The process gently disrupts the patterns that are locked in the memory and that continually create self-sabotage and then releases them. NoviChi clears the neuro pathways in the brain, literally changing the way you think and react. It liberates you from the trapped emotions and integrates a new truth to create a new pattern of life.


NoviChi Mind

In a mind session, you will relax and allow the light and sound frequencies to release the emotions you have tied to events that have been keeping you stuck in old limiting patterns that are no longer serving you.

During your session, you will be guided on a journey to release anything that you no longer want to carry with you.  This journey will allow you to acknowledge your past experiences and release the baggage that has been tied to them and holding you hostage from the life you truly desire and deserve.  While it does not take those memories away, it does release the emotional holds those past experiences have had on you.  By releasing the emotional holds, you will be free to live the life you have truly desired free from the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You deserve to create the life that truly makes you happy and with NoviChi that life will be that much easier to create.


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