NEW! NoviChi Body


NoviChi Body Session: 90 mins. In a NoviChi Body Session we work on the area of the body that is bringing you discomfort.  This could be a body system, or a specific area of the body.  Each part of the body responds to a specific frequency and NoviChi uses the light and sound frequencies designed just for that specific area to allow optimal healing to occur.  

In a NoviChi body sesson we will use light and sound frequencies to focus on one area of discomfort that you feel needs the most work first.

Each body system or source of discomfort in your body has a protocol designed specifically to improve its functioning.  Your body is made up of energy and when there is a blockage in the energy system illness and dis-ease can occur.  Light and sound in their purest forms can help bring your body back in to its natural healthy state.  NoviChi is a non-invasive gentle frequency medicine that is a perfect complement to any wellness lifestyle.

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