NEW! NoviChi Addiction


NoviChi Addiction Session: 150 mins. In an addiction session, you will relax and allow the light and sound frequencies to release the hold that your addiction has on you. During your session, anything that has been keeping you from being your true independent self will be brought to the surface and released.  By releasing the holds that your addiction has on you, you will be free to live the life that you truly desire and deserve.  Your life will be so much freer than you ever thought it could be.  To be completely free of an addiction allows you to enjoy life to its fullest and all aspects of your life will improve as a result of letting go of that disabling dependency on your addiction.  

NoviChi Addiction Sessions

Addictions can be controlling and destructive forces in our lives.  The hold an addiction has on you is usually much stronger and deeper than you realized.  Do you struggle with a food, drug, alcohol, pornography or toxic relationship addiction?  In an addiction session, you will bring to the light all aspects of the addiction that are keeping you dependent and release them. 

During your session, you will face those aspects of your addiction that you are ready to release.  There are physical, emotional, and spiritual pieces to each addiction that has a hold on you.  Some of those pieces may be much stronger than others, the more ready you are to release the holds the addiction has on you, the better.  Any addiction that is more deeply rooted into you can take more than one session to release but the hold it has on you will be so much less that you will be able to see how much better your life already is after your first session, that you will be able to release the rest of the addiction in another session in order to have the life you truly deserve.

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