Aromatouch Sessions


AromaTouch Technique: 60 mins. 

For this session please dress in loose comfortable clothing. During this session you will be pampered with specific oils along the back, neck shoulders, head and feet to help put your body back in to homeostasis.

What to expect during your time on the table… unlike other massage type sessions, once you are on the table the conversation stops.  You and I are completely silent so that you may fully experience the gentle touch of the the technique along with the powerful effects of the oils.  This time is completely about you and is the perfect space for you to relax and let go of the stresses that have been weighing on you.

AromaTouch Technique is a great way to care for yourself regularly.  It helps the body return to homeostasis and gently release the everyday stresses you carry with you.



Kristine is a certified AromaTouch Technique practitioner. She was trained to perform the technique and has assisted in the teaching of other classes to further gain experience with the technique.

Please come in hygienically prepared and dress in loose comfortable clothing. During this session we will be working on your back, shoulders, neck, head and feet.




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