NoviChi Mind Session

Kristine along with the NoviChi system will guide you through a non-invasive, self-discovery process into the deepest levels of the subconscious where the beliefs, attachments and emotions exist. Frequency Medicine works with simple sine waves and cascading LED lights. The frequencies are projected into select Meridian points, penetrate into the senses where the memory triggers are stored. This process gently disrupts the patterns that are locked in the memory and then releases them. NoviChi creates new neural pathways in the brain, literally changing the way you think and react!

It frees you from the obsessive thoughts, trapped emotions, and the struggles to change your actions. After letting go of the unconscious attachments, NoviChi uses frequencies to harmonize the affected  parts of the brain so they can return to function and normalize.  This allows you to feel Joy, Confidence and Peace more quickly, supporting a quicker transformation. In addition to clearing the energy fields of the negativity, NoviChi then integrates a new Positive Truth statement for you to create your new life full of : Success, Independence, Health, Happiness, and Love.

Your mind session will allow you to access those deepest parts of yourself that are holding you back from experiencing the life you truly desire and deserve to live.  Using the light and sound frequencies, you able to get in to those deep recesses of your mind that you never even realized were there.  Events from your past that affected you without you even being aware are brought to the surface to be released so that you can then move forward without those pieces of your past standing in your way any longer giving you the freedom you to live the life you desire.

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