NoviChi Body Session

The Living Matrix–  A fascinating aspect of the living matrix is that a vibration or frequency put in at one point quickly flows throughout the entire system. The living matrix has the ability throughout the entire network to create and flow vibrations. When you think of this reality you can see that as we deliver the Light or EMF frequencies into the Living Matrix, or the connective tissue construct, the living tissue readily accepts the frequency and transports it from one cell to the next.  It is a fascinating and exciting scientific discovery that takes the mystery out of energy medicine, making perfect logical sense. NoviChi is so effective in assisting the body to health and vitality. Together we will develop a wellness plan just for you.

Each body protocol is designed to take you through a step by step healing session.  Each one is specifically designed for the part of the body that it is delivering frequencies to.  Years of study has concluded that each part of the body responds to distinct Hz frequencies.

Each NoviChi Musculoskeletal protocol has the distinct frequencies intended for each individual part of the body.

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