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What is NoviChi?

NoviChi is a frequency medicine system that uses light and sound frequencies to realign the body to its natural state.  When I was learning what NoviChi was, I was completely fascinated by the science and technology behind it.  It totally amazed me that light and sound could help my body feel better just by placing this small device on my body and allowing the light and sound frequencies to enter into my body and cells to get things moving in the right way again.  NoviChi is the greatest complement to the essential oils and energy work that I have come across yet.  It takes the skills and knowledge I already have and brings it to the next level.  With NoviChi I offer four different types of sessions and they are  Mind, Body, Spirit and Addiction sessions.  Each type of session varies as to what it works on and the length of time needed for it but they are all equally powerful sessions that can help you get back to the life you truly desire and deserve.

What needs to be healed in your life?  NoviChi Has Answers.

A NoviChi Mind session is a great way to help you get through an emotional situation you have been dealing with, a trauma you need to heal or those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your best life.

In a NoviChi Body session you choose the area of your body that needs the work whether it be a sore neck from stress mounting on your shoulders or a sore throat from all of the germs floating through the air, to a body system that needs some work to function a little better.  Whatever your body needs NoviChi has a specific protocol designed just for it.

During a NoviChi Spirit session you will get more in-tune with your body.  One chakra is worked on at a time in a session, sessions can be done daily or weekly depending on how you want to work on them.  As your chakra is being aligned, you may feel the energy flowing through the various parts of your body and have thoughts that are related to your chakra come to mind, these are all normal parts of the process and are a wonderful part of the experience.

The NoviChi Addiction session is a very powerful session in which you will address all aspects of your addiction in a very real and personal way.  We all, in some form or another, have an addiction to something, for some of us it is work, toxic relationships, food, drugs, alcohol, pornography and so many other things.  There is no shame in admitting there is a problem and getting help for it.  Addictions become an overbearing and destructive part of life that can greatly diminish the quality of life we live not only for those of us with the addiction but for those who are in our lives and are helpless to help us rid ourselves of that addiction.


NoviChi delivers results!

What can NoviChi do for you?

NoviChi can help you face those fears that have been living inside you day after day, growing and creating a life of their own and keeping you from creating the life you deserve.  NoviChi can help you gain the independence you desire, step completely into your own personal power and create the full life you deserve.

​Are you ready to begin creating the life you truly desire?

Are you ready to regain your personal power?

If you are ready to take the steps to get you back on the path of the life you truly desire and deserve and take back your personal power then NoviChi is the answer you have been searching for and together we can get you there.

When you come in for a NoviChi session y​ou​ will be led to have a self-realization and a self-guided inner tour with the highest and best that is within ​you​. ​Your​ awakening to the blocks that have kept ​you​ stuck along with the elimination of those blocks will set ​you​ free. To have a new reality concept of ​yourself​ will set ​you​ on a path of success like never before to fulfill ​you​r potential and have the life of ​your​ choosing. NoviChi offers the answers to poor self esteem, PTSD, addiction, weight reduction, physical discomfort, anxiety, and so much more.

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