While learning about energy work, finding essential oils was like a breakthrough in my life. I learned about aromatherapy, chakra balancing, natural remedies and more.

I totally believe that nature can be a powerful resource to help maintain health in mind, body and spirit.

My name is Kristine Magri. I bring mastered shamanic energy healing, NoviChi frequency medicine and an expertise in natural remedies and essential oils.  If you’re curious about my history, experience and achievements in energy and related fields, you can check out my profile on Linkedin.

Why are these things important to me?

I’ve almindbodyspiritways had a passion for helping others. Over the years, these feelings have grown passionately, although I didn’t understand my life calling, until I became a shaman.

In a nutshell, I gained interest in energy healing and natural remedies when I had my first energy healing session. Having never experienced it before, I was unsure of what to expect. It was the experience of this first healing session that was my trigger into the field of healing and energy work, and through all of my experience, from the depths of my soul, the answer is clear. The way to help others is through the NoviChi, the energy healing process and the use of essential oils.

I succeeded in a two year  intensive Shamanic energy study program.  This process was a journey of very deep and personal work, and healing, so that I would be able to support those who come to me in healing their stories. Through this process, I learned to live from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

The answers I have to share with you will help you see that the true beauty of you lies within you, rather than what surrounds you.

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This is a great way I’ve found to get the word out about alternative therapies. After everything I’ve learned, it’s the least I can do. So go ahead, try it out. After all, it’s free!

Love and Hugs,


So many of us in life live to show others what we have in material ways and Kristine will help you to see that the true beauty of you lies within you not within the items surrounding you.

Kristine has always been one to want to help in the community as well. She has done several fundraisers for various individuals and groups to support their causes and lessen their financial burdens.

Another purpose for Kristine, one that is close to her heart is taking care of our Veterans. At the moment she is just in the brainstorming phase but her ultimate goal is to one day have a healing center with housing for our Veterans who need a place to go until they get back on their feet. She is planning a live in facility for those that need a place to live with a healing center that will be open to any Veteran who needs services.

Kristine is trained in a combination of Peruvian and Native American shamanism. She will work through the seven chakras removing anything you are ready to release that is no longer serving your higher self and with the aid of her guides and yours she will fill you with that which you need to serve your higher self.   


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