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Our lives seem to get busier and busier by the minute. Then, just when you think you have a five minute break to breathe something else pops up and needs your immediate attention, does that sound familiar?  Do you feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything you need and want to get done done?

When our chakras are not aligned properly the energy that is naturally flowing through our bodies gets thrown off course and can cause some chakras to either work too hard, not enough or not at all.  By checking in with your body and your emotions you can see which chakras are not working as they should be.

How can you tell chakras are off?

Here is a quick list to help you balance your chakras with oils:

Root Chakra (Balance with Basil)

Overactive Chakra Symptoms:  deep anger, adrenal gland issues, high blood pressure, headaches

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: low blood pressure, cold hands, circulation issues

Sacral Chakra (Turn to Tangerine)             

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: sexual addiction, eating disorders, relationship problems, drug & alcohol abuse, infertility, yeast infection, asthma, allergies

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: not intimate with partner or self, no creativity, no hobbies, don’t know what you like, don’t eat, don’t eat enough

Solar Plexus Chakra (Believe in Bergamot)

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: control issues, anxiety (worst case scenario), OCD

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: giving up your power, anxiety (everyday things), poor memory, not present in your life, low self-confidence, mood swings, depression, digestive issues, blood sugar issues

Heart Chakra: Peppermint is Perfect

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: chest pain, high blood pressure levels

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: lung issues (abandonment), auto-immune issues, immunity issues, passivity, muscular tension

Throat Chakra: Self-Love with Lavender

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: swollen glands, PMS, fevers, infections

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: mouth, tongue, neck, & jaw problems; bloating, viruses

Third Eye: Seek Out Lemongrass

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: over analytical, need to plan, lack of spirituality, confused mind

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: can’t make decisions, learning disabilities, no imagination, coordination problems, sleep disorders

Crown Chakra: Lemon is the Answer

Overactive Chakra Symptoms: abandonment, sense of separation

Underactive Chakra Symptoms: headaches, sensitivity to light, mental issues, coordination problems, varicose veins, skin rashes

This list is just a few examples of how your energy flow being off can throw your body systems off and cause other issues throughout your life.  By using a drop of the suggested oil on the chakra that it is listed with you can help bring them back into balance.  Using oils to help realign your chakras is a great tool to use in your overall wellness lifestyle to help get things back in to the natural rhythm of your body.

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