FREE Essential Oils Class

oil-1205635_1920Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants for health benefits.
Essential oils are an all natural way to support the body’s natural functions.  They keep a normal functioning immune system working properly. The oils can lift moods and decrease irritability.  Essential oils can also be used to replace household cleaners and to make your own body care products.
This is a great class to learn how essential oils can help you and your family stay healthy.
Learn where essential oils come from, which oils are best and all of the amazing benefits an oil can offer.
I’m super passionate about natural remedies, energy healing and essential oils. With my experience, I think everyone should at least have some knowledge about energy and natural healing. That’s why I’m offering a FREE Class to anyone who wants to learn more about using oils and natural products holistically.

Whether cleaning, health care or health maintenance, essential oils should be an essential part of everyone’s life, and I’ll show you why.


Essential oils are safe for use on all members of your family.
Everyone who attends will receive an oil sample to take home and try!

Do you have any questions I can answer? Contact me here!

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