Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Are you here to learn about essential oils or natural remedies?
Are you curious about natural healing or energy balancing?
Is there something physical or emotional about your life that you seek support for? 

If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, you’re not alone.

oil-1205635_1920You’re one of more than a 60,000 people searching for essential oils every single day, and one of nearly 20,000 people looking for energy balance.

That’s just counting individual searches in Google alone.

So why the big hype? The answer is easy.

There’s a growing interest in natural remedies for health support.
Preventative and natural treatments.
I’m sure you can relate.

Essential oils, NoviChi & energy healing all tie into natural remedies and life strengthening tools you can acquire just by understanding what it is that needs balancing and how to help get there. I’ve spent a long time learning and understanding what it takes to reach a balance in my own life and that’s what I’m about to show you how to do.

Throughout my blog, I’m offering countless tips, remedies and support solutions for you to use. I even have FREE Classes in the Rochester, Dover, and Portsmouth, NH as well as Eliot, ME areas on essential oils and offer personal consults on energy work every, single day.garlic-618400_1920

Why would I be offering all of this? And why would any of it be free, you ask?

Well, I came into this industry trying to find a solution to some of my own life’s balance problems. Once I found the tools to help achieve balance, I wanted to share it as much as I could with others. I’m positive that once you learn how to use nature to heal your mind, body and spirit, you’ll want to share with others too.

Shamanism, Chakra Balancing, Whole Body Health Support Knowledge..these are just a few of the topics we will cover.

Energy balance isn’t just about your physical body, it’s about whole body and life balance. I came into balance once I learned how to make lifestyle changes that reflected balance in my personal life, work and overall health.

Learn how I use natural remedies, NoviChi, energy work and essential oils to help maintain full body balance.

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Learn about how essential oils can help you look and feel great!


I will even offer you a FREE Essential Oils Class!

I’ll teach you about different¬†types, uses and how to create natural remedies with Essential Oils!

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